Boat Cover Maintenance & Care Guide

Boat Cover Maintenance and Care Guide

Boat cover maintenance is very simple, the trick to having a nice looking boat cover is to look after it. There are no magic treatments for PVC covers that have perished. PVC covers can perish because of pollution, weather and sunlight. You can extend the life of PVC covers by keeping them clean and waxing them. It is a little known fact that PVC  deteriorate faster in areas of high pollution.

Most of the cleaning duties performed on boat covers should only involve water and cleaning brushes.

Cleaning an acrylic canvas cover is easy! You need water and a soft  brush, that’s all. You can use mild soaps but this will degrade the waterproofing. Clean the dirt of regularly to avoid staining. Pay attention to stitch lines as moss and algae build up eats away stitching, a soft toothbrush is useful for this. Bird muck during black berry season can stain covers, be more vigilant with your cleaning at this time of year.

Sunbrella fabric care site is here.

Over winter periods it may also be worth covering your cover with a tarp. Sounds silly to cover a cover with a cover. There is method to the madness.

Soft windows have a life rated in hours. They are degraded by sunlight and weather conditions. Covering with a tarp during times when not in use will prolong the life of them. Make sure the tarp is clean when covering soft windows, grit and dirt will scratch soft windows.


After cleaning a canvas cover with detergent you will also need to waterproof it. There are various products available for this, be sure to read all labels thoroughly. Chemicals can be dangerous! Make sure you follow instructions properly for coverage and application.

If you find stitching along a seam is rotting or wearing away have it repaired. It will probably open up in high winds causing greater damage or cover loss.

Avoid removing boat covers with soft windows when it’s very cold. Soft windows become brittle after a time especially in cold weather. Brittle windows will crack and split, there is no fix for this other than replacement.

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